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At Array of Solar, we’re here to be your number one provider of commercial solar power. We understand that you may spend your time between various buildings during your career, and in the case that you own or operate your own commercial building, we can provide you with commercial solar power, customized to your own specific needs.

Serving industries such as agriculture, auto dealers, healthcare, government, higher education, and all businesses both large and small, we have the commercial solar power services to help fit your needs. With over 50 years of combined experience in all things solar power, we’re your trusted source to help bring your commercial location renewable, clean energy for daily use in all processes.

For especially large buildings or companies that own or operate on large plots of land, much of your area could be used to install solar panels. We’ll turn your open space from a potential a waste of money to something that provides your commercial business with clean, renewable energy while saving you money in the long run. These work especially well on roofs as well, taking your unused space and giving it purpose. In the chance you create more energy than you use, you can even sell back your energy for even more savings. No matter the reason you need solar power for your commercial location, Array of Solar will be there to help along every step of the way—from consultation to installation—ensuring all your needs are exceeded.

For more information on the commercial solar power we work with at Array of Solar, get in touch with us today. We’ll also be happy to address any comments, questions, or concerns about the processes we take, as well as the equipment we work with to bring you solar power. We look forward to supplying you with commercial solar!

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